Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Recovery Mode

This past weekend I anticipated a very different ending! Sunday's loss left a bad taste in my mouth, the team is stunned, and the city is angry. Here in Houston there is not a good feeling about football right now. One thing that I have been oblivious to is that it's still baseball season, and unfortunately the Astros are finished. Basically, the sports teams here in Houston are giving their fans absolutely NOTHING to cheer about!

Now that the team is well into the recovery phase and looking forward to this weeks' game against Miami...I'm still here trying to nurse Mister's thigh contusion! Everyday Chris goes to the stadium and he tells me that he's going through "treatment" 3 times each day. Then every night when we are having a discussion about our day....he says that his thigh doesn't feel any better. I'm getting a little concerned!

The team doctor told him that this would take awhile to heal....but goodness! One of the trainers told Mister that this is probably one of the worst contusions he's ever seen. I really enjoy going to the games, sitting in the crowd, and cheering loud...but when Mister is on the sidelines my excitement declines. I am a Texan fan...no doubt, but I am an even bigger fan of Mister! So, I am anxiously awaiting his return to the football field. Not to mention the fact that he has been tossing and turning at night because he can't get his leg in a comfortable position. I'm missing my good night sleep!

Hopefully this will be the last week that everyone is operating in recovery mode. If the team gets a win and Mister can make some progress, we may finally be getting somewhere!