Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Week In Pictures Pt. 4

Sunday afternoon a few of our friends from our old team/couple's Bible study got together to celebrate  their baby girl!  Everybody else from our group has boys, so I'm super excited that Suzy and Pitt are having a girl....we needed a little pink mixed into the group.

The cutest cake...and the favors in the background!

Some of the decorations...

The head table with the guest book and program....

A.D. - I thought he looked cool with his hat on ;)

The 3 hostesses...Janelle, Steph, and me.  I apologize for my appearance, it had been a long week!

The guys with the Mom-to-be....they were playing the "In Her Shoes" game.

All of us prepping to play the "Dress Your Baby" Game

All of the girls : my mom, me, Janelle, Suzy, Steph, and Neish

Snow White and Prince Charming, the Expectant Couple!  
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Week In Pictures Pt. 3

Last Thursday we celebrated the Mister leaving to start his 5th season in the NFL and the upcoming launch of!  It's crazy that it's been 5 years already...I remember when he was a rookie and we are so anxious and excited for everything that we thought would come with "being in the NFL"!  I'm so proud of him, he's worked so hard this offseason to come back from his shoulder injury.  So much has happened in these 5's been a whirlwind of good and bad.  We've been blessed tremendously and have survived some trials....but by God's grace we're still here.  That's why we had to celebrate!  

Our Godson, Daylen!  Isn't he a cutie!?!? Sorry it's fuzzy...he must have moved!

Neish and Bycie!  

Team Guobadia - Joshie, Nathaniel, and Anthony (our little Warrior - Ephesians 6:12)

Treci playing with Bycie!  I need to borrow that top!

The Mister and me toasting each other!  He looks handsome with his fresh cut!

Treci and Trey minus Little Milton with their Sparkling Grape Juice! 

My NFL-BFF and her hubby cheering us them!

Up next....the Baby Pittman's baby shower!  Then I'll be all caught up!

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Monday, July 26, 2010

A Week in Pictures Pt. 2

Last week we celebrated my Dad's 51st Birthday!  The guys went for a round a golf and the girls just hung out around the house.   Later that evening we grilled steaks and had a Baskin-Robbins ice cream cake.
  Before they hit the course!

The three of them in action!

A friend that they made while golfing!

The food fresh off the grill!

The birthday boy and Little Milton

The hit the spot!

My mother in law, me, and my mom 

The end of the night!

Up next is the Mister's "Back to Training Camp" party!
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Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Week In Pictures Pt.1

I have been M.I.A. for the week because I've had a house full.  It's been a lot of fun, but extremely busy.  Both sets of parents and a few other guest have been here hanging out and celebrating with us.  During the course of the last week we've celebrated my Dad's 51st birthday, hung out, did a little decorating, and celebrated the upcoming launch of the SoSportz site and the Mister going away for the start of his 5th season!

 It was sad to see everyone go but as the Mister says, it's "back to the real world."  Now I'm sitting here trying to catch up on the blog and The Young and the Restless.  I'm always working from a's 12 episodes behind!  So instead of trying to put it all in 1 post I'll just break it up into a few post over the next few days!

Last Thursday we drove to Huntsville to meet my Grandmother and Uncle to have BBQ!  It was so good!

This is what we did most of the time....while everyone else talked and ate!

Neish and Daddy

Nice to see this in a restaurant instead of a deer head....let's know where the owner's stand and they're not ashamed!

Momma and Grandmother chatting over some baked beans and ribs ;)

Next Daddy''s birthday!

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Dumas, Texas

I just wanted to send a big huge shout out to Dumas, Texas tonight!  Someone there is a true follower of mine....and I appreciate it so much!  Every morning the Mister checks my blog and everyday he tells me that someone in Dumas, Texas is "waiting on you to update"!  So thank you so much for checking in on me means the world.  You inspire me to keep this blog thing going....I'm still struggling to find interesting things to post about!  But I'm still trying! ;)  

Photo courtesy of
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fish Fry - Play Day!

Yesterday my mom arrived and today my dad arrived.  The house is filling up...and I'm loving it!  This morning we slept in late and lounged around for a few hours.  She and I sat there for 2 hours watching Paula Dean episodes off of our DVR.  Today is the Mister's day off from working we did a little work on putting the finishing touches on the SoSportz site.

Then around 1:30 one of friends came over to visit for a little while!  She brought four little guys to play...ages 3 months to 6 years.  We had a lot of fun....they bring all of the fun to my laid back/quiet house.  I love it when little kids visit.  They have so much personality and's so cute!  Because my house is not "childproofed" something was bound to be broken.  But no one was it was a good day!  I, of course, was having so much fun playing that I forgot to take pictures of the worries they'll be back next week!

The Mister and Bryce aka Bycie



This afternoon my mom and I went to a cake tasting for a shower that I'm co-hosting.  I had been craving Kroger white cake and Haagan-Daaz ice cream all day.  Just so happened the bakery had an opening for me to go in and taste the cake!  It reminded me of my wedding planning days ;)  I'll include a picture of the cake after the shower!

Tonight I planned to fry fish....I'm not a fan of fried food, and especially not fried fish.  But the Mister loves it and he doesn't get to eat it often.   My mom spoils him.....she always cooks him "Southern" food!  I always cook pretty light.  So tonight my mom and I broke out the deep fryer and fried up some catfish and tilapia.  We made coleslaw and tater tots to go with it!

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Madness

This is what my day/things to do list looked like:

1. Take the Clothes to the Cleaners
2. Take the Recycling
3. Get Vehicle Registration Renewed
4. Send off Compassion kid letter
5. Reserve LaMadeline for baby shower
6. Order baby shower invitations
7. Get Vehicle inspected and serviced
8. Update blog
9. Don't forget Dr.'s appt!
10. Order drapes for master bedroom
11. Get Daddy's B-day gift
12. Take guest room comforter to laundry mat
13. Call Mr. Handyman about window

I started the day with all of this and this is what I crossed off at the end of the day.  Tomorrow my mom will be here and she'll take over all of the regular planning the meals, doing laundry, and washing dishes.  It's so nice to have someone to come in and "take care of me"!  Right now I just want to  get the list completed so I can get back to sitting on the couch watching The Young and The Restless and eating Pirate's Booty!

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

All Is Quiet

I'm sitting here on the couch watching shows on my DVR!  I'm 10 episodes behind on The Young and the Restless...and I already know that LeBron is going to Miami so no need to watch that now!  Tonight is the first time in over a week that I've been able to just sit on the couch, eat Pirate's Booty, and watch all of my trash t.v.

For the past week we've had 2 sets of visitors...first being my God-Sister and her family, and then the Mister's cousin and his girlfriend.  When I say it was busy around here....the second group arrived 3 hours after the first group left!  So Monday Neish and I washed towels, changed sheets, cleaned bathrooms, and mopped the floors before Narris and Channing got here.  I was exhausted!

It's always so much fun to have visitors and entertain!  It's just something about knowing that there are other people here to talk to and laugh with.  Don't get me wrong...the Mister and I have a lot of fun together; but we love when our family comes to visit.  We always order food and get out and about throughout the city.

But I'm going to enjoy this peace and quiet while it lasts because on Tuesday my Mom comes!  The best part is that I can turn all of the cooking over to her ;)  I love a full house and all of the fun that it brings...but I must say that it's nice to sit here on my couch in this peace and quiet!

I had to throw this one in just for fun...the radio was playing some throwbacks!  So we just had a little moment in the car on the way to the mall!  Hope you're not embarrassed Narris ;)

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Narris, Channing, and Sushi

The Mister's cousin Narris and his girlfriend Channing came to visit us for a few days.  It's so fun showing people around the city.  It's make us get up and venture out....the Mister and I are usually home bodies!  So last night we went for sushi....or should I say sushi rolls because none of us eats raw sushi!
Channing and Narris right before we left home!

Some of our friends introduced us to sushi and now every time we go out for sushi this where we go! 

Mister and me at the restaurant

Our hot rock beef!  It was so good...Channing and Narris tried it for the first time and loved it!

Our group hair looks a mess because I got rained on!  Good times, with good people!

P.S. Sorry for my blog hiatus...we've had a lot of company over the holiday weekend!  So I'll do a post about our 4th tonight!
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