Friday, May 1, 2009

Ready For Take Off's been one week since Mister was officially cleared to go back to football. He's had countless MRI's and X-rays....but he's ready. Back in December he went out to 3 different teams, but little did we know he wasn't healed. Now the draft is over and the door has been opened for all of the draft picks and free agents out there. Through this process I've been taking an evalutation of where we are mentally and emotionally. I'm happy to say that we are finally in a good place, when it comes to football and the idea of a new city.

Before all of this happened I went back and forth over "should I stay" or "should I go". Some women go with their husbands while others stay back and take care of the home front. I had mixed emotions and I've finally decided that wherever he goes, I'm going too! Other than a job I have nothing holding me back. I really and truly believe that a family should stick together! After all of these years of my own family moving around the country, I don't know what made me think that when it came to my new little family it should be any different.

My parents, my sister, and I started out in Dallas and from there we've been all over. It was definitely crazy but it was worth it. I can applaud my mom for being bold enough to follow my dad around the country. Who knows what it would have been like had he always been away. I credit my parents to my being so open to picking up and moving. So here I go, ready for whatever! I can always come back to a job, but I want to support him while he has this chance. I have to remember how blessed we are to even be in this situation. Now that I have my priorities straight (God, my marriage, and then the rest) I'm ready for take off!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Boot Camp Kicked My Behind!

As you may know I've struggled to keep my weight down for the last year or so. I must confess that I have not been consistent! Fortunately I haven't gained any weight but I wanted to loose a little bit more. When I graduated high school I weighed 115, while in college a gained 15 which put me right at 130. But when I started working I gained 5 more...grand total of 135!

While I wasn't happy there I could tolerate it! So in 2007 Mister had knee surgery and we bought a house. When I rang in the New Year in 2008 I was 142. So of course I was starting to get worried but not concerned enough to really do any real exercising. So in the first 6 months of 2008 while planning our wedding I gained 14 pounds. I got a trainer, counted calories, practically starved myself, you name it and I couldn't shed a pound. Unfortunately, on my wedding day I was the largest I have ever been in my life, a size 12.

Well...after our wedding the weight just melted off. In September I was the Matron of Honor in my best friend's wedding, by then I was a size 10. By November when my birthday came around I was a size 8 weighing in at a nice and neat 135. Which brings me to today...I weight 134 and I've turned my focus to toning.

So one of the ladies in the Bible study invited me to join this boot camp thing with her. This is my second week and I'm happy to say that I'm seeing improvement. The first workout kicked my behind! I couldn't walk up the stairs from Monday until Thursday. By thighs and my butt hurt like I have never felt before. I was all enthusiastic about it....after that first workout that all went out of the door! Well on Friday I convinced Mister to go with me and Janelle brought her husband. We had fun working out as couples....but again that workout kicked my behind. Even Mister had to applaud me for my efforts because he was hurting too!

I am happy to report that today was the first time that I actually made it through the entire workout unmodified. We did 200 lunges, 100 bench presses, and 100 dips! So, I'm happy with the results so far...I'm only motivated because I have a partner who is motivated. I'll keep posting about my results...hopefully I have finally found something that I will stick too. By the way Happy Hump Day!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter, Boot Camp, and Exodus! A Good Mix!

So...the past 2 weeks, I've been trying to get myself together that's why I'm behind in blogging. Mister and I are having the Couples' Bible Study at our house every week from now until (who knows). During the season it was at another couples' house, which was fabulous, but since the majority of the group lives closer to us, we decided to have it out here. At first I was a little apprehensive...but we have such a supportive group! I'm glad that we're having it here...I needed to step out of my comfort zone.

In October when Mister went through the injury thing my workout plan went down the drain. Now that he's all better I can re-focus on myself...I started Boot Camp with one of the ladies from the Bible Study group and I have established a love/hate relationship for it! I love the feeling afterwards and hanging our with her but I absolutely hate the sweat and pain while I'm there. I'm so glad that she invited me to go, she's a real trooper and I need someone who's enthusiastic and encouraging. Because I'm definitely not that when I'm by myself!

We had quite an interesting Easter weekend starting Thursday. Mister and I went to pick up my sister from school and brought her here for a little r&r. Well turns out that was the last thing on the r&r for me! She and I did a little spring shopping and she and Mister made homemade chocolate chip cookies. Easter morning we had a pancake breakfast, rushed out of the house for church but made it on time. After church we had dinner with the Bible study's so good to have close friends. I made mac&cheese and the punch...since I'm not the cook in my family I was nervous about cooking for other people. But we all made a dish and our dinner was good! Overall we had a good weekend!

(Last topic for today) For the last week or so I've been reading Exodus very thoroughly so that when The Ten Commandments came on I could compare. So I set the dv-r to record and thought that I would find time this week to sit down and watch it. I wish somebody would have told me that it was 5 hours long. So that's waiting until this coming weekend..hopefully I'll find 5 consecutive hours to devote to watching tv! Hope you have a GREAT week!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Road to Recovery!

I don't really know why I stopped posting....I think that the whole injury thing caught me so off guard. I've been told that when people go through things they tend to hide or keep to themselves when in actuality that's when you need to be around positive people the most. In this situation, I haven't had time to hide....I just haven't been as well connected as I had been before.

Before we got married people told us that you are never prepared for what will come your way, but just be prepared to go through it together. That is definitely where we are...we're almost 9 months deep into the marriage it's been quite an experience. We've had a lot of fun together, no doubt....but football is something that you can never prepare yourself for. The Snickers commercials say "life comes at you fast"......I understand the true meaning of that phrase after these last few months.

Since October, Mister has had 5 doctors and 2 procedures done to his thigh to heal what was originally deemed as just "a bad thigh bruise". Now, that he's a free agent, it's imperative that he's completely healed and back in shape. So I've been determined to walk with him through this entire process. He's officially healed and working toward being back in shape. I'm happy that he's healed, I'm happy that he's happy, and I'll be happier once he's signed!

We have grown so much in 9 months.....not just in our relationship, but also in our prayer lives and our social lives. Before we were home bodies with the exception of date night....but our Bible Study was exceptional. You talk about a shoulder to cry on, a friend to call, and smile when you need one. So through this "thigh bruise" we have found friends and also some things in each other that we didn't know where there. Can't wait for the next 9 months!