Friday, May 1, 2009

Ready For Take Off's been one week since Mister was officially cleared to go back to football. He's had countless MRI's and X-rays....but he's ready. Back in December he went out to 3 different teams, but little did we know he wasn't healed. Now the draft is over and the door has been opened for all of the draft picks and free agents out there. Through this process I've been taking an evalutation of where we are mentally and emotionally. I'm happy to say that we are finally in a good place, when it comes to football and the idea of a new city.

Before all of this happened I went back and forth over "should I stay" or "should I go". Some women go with their husbands while others stay back and take care of the home front. I had mixed emotions and I've finally decided that wherever he goes, I'm going too! Other than a job I have nothing holding me back. I really and truly believe that a family should stick together! After all of these years of my own family moving around the country, I don't know what made me think that when it came to my new little family it should be any different.

My parents, my sister, and I started out in Dallas and from there we've been all over. It was definitely crazy but it was worth it. I can applaud my mom for being bold enough to follow my dad around the country. Who knows what it would have been like had he always been away. I credit my parents to my being so open to picking up and moving. So here I go, ready for whatever! I can always come back to a job, but I want to support him while he has this chance. I have to remember how blessed we are to even be in this situation. Now that I have my priorities straight (God, my marriage, and then the rest) I'm ready for take off!