Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Road to Recovery!

I don't really know why I stopped posting....I think that the whole injury thing caught me so off guard. I've been told that when people go through things they tend to hide or keep to themselves when in actuality that's when you need to be around positive people the most. In this situation, I haven't had time to hide....I just haven't been as well connected as I had been before.

Before we got married people told us that you are never prepared for what will come your way, but just be prepared to go through it together. That is definitely where we are...we're almost 9 months deep into the marriage it's been quite an experience. We've had a lot of fun together, no doubt....but football is something that you can never prepare yourself for. The Snickers commercials say "life comes at you fast"......I understand the true meaning of that phrase after these last few months.

Since October, Mister has had 5 doctors and 2 procedures done to his thigh to heal what was originally deemed as just "a bad thigh bruise". Now, that he's a free agent, it's imperative that he's completely healed and back in shape. So I've been determined to walk with him through this entire process. He's officially healed and working toward being back in shape. I'm happy that he's healed, I'm happy that he's happy, and I'll be happier once he's signed!

We have grown so much in 9 months.....not just in our relationship, but also in our prayer lives and our social lives. Before we were home bodies with the exception of date night....but our Bible Study was exceptional. You talk about a shoulder to cry on, a friend to call, and smile when you need one. So through this "thigh bruise" we have found friends and also some things in each other that we didn't know where there. Can't wait for the next 9 months!