Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Menu for the Week

Today is Mister's day off....so we're not doing anything exciting.  I'm actually going to get a relaxer and he had to have his car serviced....so let's just say it's a maintenance day!  I put a load of laundry in the wash....which reminds me that I need to pick up some detergent.  But it's cold and rainy that I just want to wrap up in a blanket and catch up on Mad Men from iTunes.  Thankfully Mister did the grocery shopping for this week while I continue to recover from my sore throat.  So without further ado....our menu!!!

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday: Tacos and Mexican Rice

Wednesday & Thursday : Spaghetti, Salad, and Texas Toast

Friday & Saturday : Chicken Stir Fry and White Rice

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Monday, November 29, 2010

November Recap

Let me say now.....I have only taken a few pictures...and my camera is dead....so I'll add them later! (Run on sentence)  So I'm going to document the month in blurbs!  Hopefully I can resume blogging on the regular this week.  I know I've been saying that for awhile...but I'm really going to try.  Just don't expect a lot of pictures ;)

*Mister and I celebrated a birthday at the beginning of the month.  Mister turned 27 and I turned 26.  On my birthday we moved into our new apartment.  Mister had dinner reservations for us and it was a very simple day.  Mister's birthday was over the weekend so we did a bit more.  We went to see the local team take on King James and friends, we had dinner, and just really relaxed!  Now everybody is asking when are we going to get this baby train rolling.  In due time ;)

*During the "bye" week we went to Memphis to visit my inlaws.  While we were there I threw Mister a surprised birthday party.  He was actually surprised!  I was so excited because I rarely surprise him....so I finally got him!!  It was fun celebrating his birthday with his family...and to relax for a hot minute.

*Two weeks ago I went home to see my NFL BFF run a half marathon.  I needed to make the trip to get a few things from home so I stayed 2 days to cheer her on.  I told her afterwards that my marathon watching days are over.  I applaud the runners out there....there is no way I would run further than 2 miles.  And i definitely wouldn't run for longer than 30 minutes!  I was so happy for her...she had trained and really worked so hard (not to mention gotten really skinny)!

*For Thanksgiving Neish and Ginny (my cousin) came to visit during their break from school.  Mister's team played away on Thanksgiving Day so we just hung out and went to dinner at our cousin's house.  Thankfully they won!!!  Mister got home late that night so we had Thanksgiving dinner on Black Friday.  Unfortunately, my dressing didn't turn out well but everything else was very good.

*With tomorrow being the last day of November I'm super excited about Christmas.  I already have our Christmas cards!  I've started generating gift ideas for our family.  Within the next day or so I'm going to get out and find a little tree for our temporary home.  Just to make it feel festive around here!  By the weekend I hope to have a good dent in my shopping.

That about wraps up November 2010!!!  Here's to the beginning of the Christmas season and all that it means.  I hope that I don't get to busy or stressed between now and Christmas that I lose sight of the true meaning of this season!


Monday, November 15, 2010

20 Monday Notes

1. Still in my pajamas at 5:31 pm
2. Just watched The Color Purple Reunion on Oprah
3. Actually finished all of the laundry today
4. Went to bed before 1 am last night for the first time in over a week
5. Don't want to eat what I was going to make for dinner
6. Sitting here trying to find something to order for dinner
7. Glad last week was a "bye" week
8. Can't believe Thanksgiving is next week
9. Really want to finish my Esther bible study that I started during training camp
10. Can't get over the fact that this guy butchered my eyebrows last week
11. Haven't watched a full episode of Y&R since August
12. Really miss watching my cooking shows
13. Really miss my NFL BFF
14. Trying to figure out if it's ever going to consistently be cold
15. Need to go to church....guess I need to find one to go to
16. Wishing I could consistently keep in touch with some of my friends
17. Loving all of my friends babies pictures on Facebook...such sweet little people
18. Excited about volunteering with Habitat for Humanity
19. Wishing I didn't worry so much
20. Hope tomorrow I will want to be more productive than today
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Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Since Mister and I are stuck in a hotel in our new city and didn't really get to celebrate Halloween, I'm posting pictures of all of the cutest little trick or treaters in our family.  I wish they could have come to my door!

Super cute Batman (Daylen) and Super sweet Robin (Bryce)

Darling little Princess (Autumn)

Sweet Star Wars Yoda (Shane)

Sweet Baby Giraffe (Jaxon)
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