Friday, September 6, 2013


Oh Friday....we meet again! ;)  It's laundry day around here, or in the words of Minnie from The Help "change the da*n sheets day"!

Saturday morning the hub's alumni association chapter is volunteering at the local food bank.

Then Saturday afternoon my Emmie is invited to her girlfriend's 2nd birthday party!  Small people celebrating ;)


To cap off a super busy Saturday his is on this weekends menu for the hubs and I.  It just happens to be a favorite around here.  Run, don't walk, to get the ingredients to make this....your stomach will thank me!  And don't ever say that I didn't help you!  ;)

Grilled Salmon Gyros on the Food Network

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

I Wish...

I could be disciplined enough to get up before my kid every morning.
I could keep all of the drawers in my house neat and organized.
I could read my Bible and Bible study everyday.
I could work out and be fit despite my laziness.
I could not be lazy....I digress.
I could be a better friend.
I could sing (it's definitely not my gift).
I could more optimistic than fearful.
I could have more faith when it's not all good.
I could really swim and not just float.
I could really enjoy motherhood.
I could let go of who I want to be and really embrace who God wants me to be.
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In a Twilight Zone

Lately I've been feeling very unorganized and in my attempts to get organized I find myself stressed out!  The perfectionist in me knows that I have got to get it together, but the "so out of order" mama that I have become is fighting against it.  I need order for my Emmie and most importantly for myself.  If I don't have some order everything in my world suffers. Unfortunately, I have become very dependent on a calendar and a "things to do" list.

I have read about people like know the kind that need alarms on their phones, their ipads, and sticky notes on their mirrors.  I have been trying very hard not to become one of those, but I a, headed that way quickly.  The thing that has surprised me most is that it's not just one area of life, it's everything.  This past Sunday I stayed up until 11:30 finishing up so much needed "housework", cleaning out the microwave and refrigerators.  Along the way I found other things that needed to be addressed, so naturally I made little sticky notes and left them on my bathroom mirror and the microwave.

As I was turning in for the evening my guy comes in as says "what's going on, am I in a twilight zone?  I feel like I'm on The Color Purple, you have notes everywhere."  I couldn't help but laugh and then I realized that's it!  When I don't have it all together that's what it feels like, a twilight zone.  Leave it to my guy to put a finger on it!  Here's to coming out of the trance.  ;)


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