Thursday, March 31, 2011


Somebody turned 1 today ;)  It's was a happy day!!!!

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Locked Out

Image: Orlando Sentinel

I know I haven't been updating regularly...but we are officially LOCKED OUT!!!!  I'll explain in greater detail what being LOCKED OUT has looked like around these parts ;)  Give me a minute to gather my thoughts and I'll fill you in.....I can say that because we are LOCKED OUT, it left our schedule open for Mister's brother and sister-in-law to come visit for the very first time!!!  So hopefully now I'll have something exciting to blog about!
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Saturday, March 19, 2011

"The Assistant" & "The Assistant to The Assistant"

Elisia pulling weeds and Mister giving orders.

Giving Mister love for his hard work.

Priceless moments

Checking for frogs.

Enjoying the day while the wind blows in my hair.

The first professional photo.

Being goofy just having a good time.

Trying a new pose.

Using the sunlight through the windows.

Experiencing new angles.

Capturing the love in the family room
It's Spring time! Up close and personal with Designs by Charles Taylor.

We love the stairs.

Preparing for Easter.

Family comes first

Thanks for stopping by!

Love the Assistant and the Assistant to the Assistant
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Thursday, March 3, 2011


This past week Mister and I were in Orlando for a conference and the first night that we were there we went to a Gloria Estefan's restaurant Bongos.  While we waited at the bar for our table I looked up and saw a bottle that said Milagro....the name of our Compassion child!!!!  I had to take a picture....just because we've never met her and she's so many miles away but she's always in our hearts and prayers!  

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Dinner With A Little Lady

A few weeks ago Mister and I went to Memphis to visit his family and hang out during the offseason.  While we were there I took Ms. Autumn on a dinner date....just her and me!  I asked her what she wanted and she said a we had Wendy's and for dessert we had Baskin Robbins ;)  She is such a little lady and she reminds me so much of myself at this age.

She has so much personality!  She is very inquisitive and so smart!  

She can carry a conversation like she's 15!  She was a little upset with the people at Wendy's because she specifically asked for no pickles and mustard.  So we had to go back and politely ask them to fix her burger.  A little life lesson along the way!

She's such a little lady....she had her Mommy curl her hair and she wore a skirt and boots for our date!  I had so much fun hanging out with her...I just can't believe that she's 5!

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Out of this World


I'm sitting here watching the Space Shuttle Discovery make it's final launch....and my first thought was there is no way I would get in anything that would literally take me out of this world!!!!!  This was the first time I really wrapped my head around the fact that these people get on something man made and go out of this world!!!  Forget the comforts of your home we're talking about the comforts of gravity!!!  Talk about AMAZING!!!!  
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