Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Everybody Else Is Doing Good!

So...I'm extremely happy that Mister will be home this week for the first time this season. Unfortunately, he has a slight injury that throws him into the "questionable" category for Sunday's game. But in the mean time some of his other friends had some good games this past week.

The NFL is really a small world, there are only 32 teams and each team only has 53 players. So a lot of them either know each other from college or from some stint of playing together on different NFL teams. Well Mister's closest friends had very good weekends! Let me just mention that before Mister got hurt he was having a good Sunday as well....check out some of their highlights!


Tramon Williams...he started out as a Texan....but it looks like the Packers love him more. I'll be honest when I saw this highlight I screamed like it was Chris....his fiance is my closest NFL friend! She and I understand each other's struggles....Tramon, like Chris, was an undrafted free agent and he deserves every bit of his success and much more.

James Hardy is a fellow Hoosier....he's really "puttin" on in Buffalo!

Tracy Porter, another Hoosier, Porter is wearing #22 well in New Orleans!

In the meantime, Chris is really rehabbing to get back next week. Thank God they will be home for the next couple of weeks. Our biggest focus is this thigh contusion...I'll keep you updated on how it progresses over the next couple of days. In the meantime, somebody has a birthday coming up....so it will give me time to plan something special for his big 25. Anybody have any ideas?

Monday, September 29, 2008

Another Day, Another MRI

So....here we are week 3 of the NFL season and the day after the Texans third game. Last night I was looking forward to an uneventful week.....today is definitely a different day. Let's just say this whole thigh contusion thing is not looking good.

While I was at work he sent me a text message saying that he was on his way to the hospital to get a MRI on his thigh. The first thing I thought was "here we go again, I don't have time for this". Basically, to make a long story short, Mister had a MRI on this lingering thigh injury and we have to wait until tomorrow to get the results. Sunday he played hurt and during the game one of Jacksonville's defenders tackled him and put his helmet right on the injury. From what I understand the MRI was done to be cautious. The team doctor and trainers think that he doesn't have much to worry about, they just want to make sure that it's nothing more.

Today when Chris woke up his upper leg was swollen down to his knee. I didn't know anything about this swelling, because when I left for work he was sleeping like a baby. So this whole MRI thing caught me off guard. But i'm keeping my hear to the ground and a positive perspective....injuries are just apart of the game. Thank God it's not worst! I'll keep you posted!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Bringing You Up To Speed!

It's been a whole week since I've had time to sit down a blog about how chaotic my week has been. This week has been so crazy because I left Dallas late after the wedding...therefore I got home late Sunday night. I never had time to sit down and catch my breath. So....recap of last weekend, the wedding was absolutely beautiful. I had flashbacks of our special day just 3 months ago! As for the Texans loss to the Titans....I would rather not comment. But I will face the critics....the news media here is not happy with the Texans' performance. They are ready for a new quarterback and maybe even a new coach. I, fortunately, did not get to see the game (Mister forgot to set the DVR) but I've heard all about how it was just a disaster.

Mister came home with a thigh contusion (deep bruise) and has been hopping around here like a little kangaroo. He's been going in early all this week to have it treated and it looks like he's a go for Sunday's game against the Jaguars. Speaking of Jacksonville, we are way over due for a home game. Which brings me to, Tuesday Mister and I along with some of his teammates, their wives, and the Texans organization went to work in the Houston Food Bank. It was a welcomed distraction to the chaotic start of my week as well as Hurricane Ike. We had a lot of fun....check out our interviews with fellow runningback Darius Walker. http://www.houstontexans.com/tv/index.asp?mm_file_id=2582&play_clip=Y

The team announced today that the stadium will be ready for next week's home opener! Hooray! With Mister traveling for the last two weeks and the hurricane the week before that...it has gotten a little hectic around here.

The little bit of me that you've all been waiting for.....drum roll please! I'm starting a new job....yes, I'm putting down my corporate job to take a job in criminal justice. I am really excited, back when I was in Kentucky I interned at the local D.A.'s office and loved it...so I'm headed back to the public sector. Something else that is on my calendar for next week is I'm walking/running in the Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure with the Texans. I am really excited about this as well....my Aunt Karen is a breast cancer survivor and I am excited to honor her by walking/running in the race with other breast cancer survivors and women period! I encourage all of you to support and celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness during the month of October.

Hopefully this week will be a little calmer....and I can blog again before next Friday. We'll see! Cross your fingers that Mister comes home with a win on Sunday.....he's desperate for one! I am too, they need a little momentum to bring to the city for the home opener. Hope you have a great weekend and a wonderful week!

P.S. - Just another way that both men and women can participate in Breast Cancer Awareness Month http://www.denimday.com/?sourceCode=lee.com

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hurricane Ike Relief

It's been almost a week since the storm ripped through Houston and most of the city still doesn't have electricity. However, the Texans have gone on.  Mister returned to the normal football schedule Tuesday. Luckily, we have electricity....but we have sat in the lines to get gas and stood in line to get groceries. After the excitement of this weekend dies down we are going to assist the organization in the relief efforts for the city.

We have a busy weekend ahead....Mister is going to Nashville and I'm the matron of honor in my best friend's wedding. I'm so excited about both events....one because this is the first time that I will get to be a bridesmaid. I guess I was blessed to be a bride before a bridesmaid. As for Mister, things are going to be extra "crunk" in Nashville because 15 of his family members are going to the game to cheer him on! Unfortunately, I won't be present for his Tennessee return but I know he's going to do well.

Tuesday parts of the Texans organization will team up with the Food Bank to prepare boxes of items for the people who are in need. This will be our first time volunteering....I'm so excited! We have been blessed through this storm and can't wait to help other people.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Anna Mae Eat Some of This Cake!

Well, now that the lights are back on and the sun is shining......we can discuss Hurricane Ike. Before the storm everyone that we talked to made jokes about the hurricane's name. Most of the jokes made reference to Ike and Tina Turner. Now that I'm here to tell the story of the night that Hurricane Ike came through....I can laugh!

The storm was scheduled to arrive late Friday night, so Thursday people were leaving work early to get gas, water, batteries, and more supplies. When I got off at 3:30, I hadn't heard from Mister so I decided to go get a few things (life jackets, rain boots, and batteries). When I turned into our neighborhood I saw a guy boarding up his house. I stopped and asked him was that necessary....he course said yes! So I went on a rampage trying to find some boards. Finally, I found 15 at Home Depot...but only after standing in line for an hour. Mind you, we have 30 windows! Now the problem was finding someone to put these boards up. Someone at Home Depot told me about somebody that they knew that probably knew somebody else who could do it! Yes complicated! I finally made it home at 8:30.....that's when Mister called and said that the team had decided to have Friday's practice that evening and they were going to have meetings until 10.

Here I am sitting at home....the news is reporting about how people better be prepared for the storm....and he's at practice! Question is, how are you preparing for a game....and a hurricane is only hours away? He called me on his drive home, and I filled him in on all of the chaos that the storm was causing....and he had no clue. The team had kept them in practice and "focused" that he didn't know that half of the city was evacuating and that most of the city had shut down at 12 o'clock.

When he got home he watched the news coverage of the traffic on the freeways of people evacuating. All along he's panicking, so I just sat at the island and ate my chocolate cake that I had gotten at McCallister's. Shewt, I was tired of panicking....I had been doing that all day (without him). That's when I took Hurricane Ike's advice and just ate some of my cake...I just needed some calm before the storm!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fantasy Playing Time

Happy Hump Day! So....this whole fantasy football thing is new to me, I'm not even sure of how it works but here goes. Since Mister's role with the team has increased over preseason, so many people have been keeping up with him...especially in Memphis. Shout out to Joey! As a result of more playing time it is my understanding that Mister has been drafted to quite a few fantasy teams. Well, when he didn't play much this past weekend that didn't help the fantasy leagues. And I was just like you, wondering why he didn't play much this weekend? He didn't have cramps, he practiced all week, he has no injuries....so what's the problem?

I'll be completely honest with you.....this goes back to the struggles of a free agent! In Mister's case there is a good side and a bad. The positive is the Texans' aren't deep with runningbacks, but the depth chart does consist of a 4 time Pro-Bowl veteran and a 3rd round pick Heisman trophy runner up.....which leaves Mister at 3. So on game day typically 2 runningbacks play and the 3rd one dresses for backup and special teams. Basically, he has to wait his turn.....so you ask is he frustrated.....shewt yeah! But he is constantly reminded of how fast this opportunity can be snatched by cuts or by injury.

I will say don't sleep on him.....because some things have already been shaking up in the backfield this week. So Sunday he should definitely see an increase in p.t.! As for the fantasy leagues....I'm not real sure how they work but I will say that the Ravens defense should be a beast! On a side note please keep us in your prayers....Hurricane Ike is brewing and we are waiting (again) for word on the status of the game so that we can get the heck out of Dodge.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lonely Weekend

Mister just home from the first game of the season, and the first loss of the season! I'm so glad that he's home, because when he's gone I don't get any sleep. Being at home by myself is not exciting...I think I'm just super scary. Friday we went to dinner with one of my friends and her fiance. Yesterday morning Mister left home at 6:oo a.m....and the team left for Pittsburgh at 9. Saturday was a good day, it marks the first day he got his contacts in by himself. Last night I went to dinner with my sister and my grandmother....just to pass time.

Today was game day! I got up with all intentions of going to church...but because I didn't get any sleep I didn't have the energy to get ready. So I sat around and waited for the game, only to be disappointed. This game was just bad all the way around. At halftime the Texans were down 21-3. I get so frustrated....because it looks so easy from the couch, but I know that they are really struggling on the field. I wish they would have won but...Mister made it home in one piece. So overall it was good weekend! Now we just look forward to next weekend....the Ravens and my in laws will be in town!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Game Day Contacts

Here lately Mister and I have been trying to get our sight together. He and I both went to the eye doctor back in March but we never got new lenses for our glasses or contacts. So now that the wedding is over and camp is over....we finally have time to get back to taking care of our health.

So the week before the Dallas game the head coach mentioned in his press conference that Mister needed to use better "vision" on the field. Vision in football terms is not what the rest of the world defines it as. In the football world "vision" is being able to see the play develop. In Mister's case being able to see which hole to run through to get the most yardage. This is what prompted the whole "game day contacts" ordeal. I decided to go and make Mister an appointment to get contacts....which I knew may not go over well. To my surprise he didn't complain and he was such a good sport.

Well his contacts came in last Friday and it's been crazy since then. When the lady called and said they were in, he immediately said "I don't want to hear it!" We went to his contact lesson so that he could learn to put them in and take them out....and that didn't go too smoothly. So the lady put the first one in and told Mister to do the second one....he had to kick both of us out of the room just so he could concentrate. Once he got that one in, he had to learn how to take them out. That was easy!

It's been almost a week since he got his trial pair of contacts and he has yet to get them in by himself. Every morning he wakes me up to put them in before he goes to practice. He claims that when he blinks the contacts are going to roll to the back of his head! All of this vision chaos made me get my new lenses. I had no idea that my vision had gotten so bad since the last time I got glasses. While I was all on him about not being able to see....I found that I couldn't see either! I'm happy to say that when Mister goes to Pittsburgh this week, this will be his first game day with contacts....we'll see how much it helps his "vision"!