Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dinner With A Little Lady

A few weeks ago Mister and I went to Memphis to visit his family and hang out during the offseason.  While we were there I took Ms. Autumn on a dinner date....just her and me!  I asked her what she wanted and she said a we had Wendy's and for dessert we had Baskin Robbins ;)  She is such a little lady and she reminds me so much of myself at this age.

She has so much personality!  She is very inquisitive and so smart!  

She can carry a conversation like she's 15!  She was a little upset with the people at Wendy's because she specifically asked for no pickles and mustard.  So we had to go back and politely ask them to fix her burger.  A little life lesson along the way!

She's such a little lady....she had her Mommy curl her hair and she wore a skirt and boots for our date!  I had so much fun hanging out with her...I just can't believe that she's 5!

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