Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mod About You

 I absolutely love this color for the summer!  It's OPI's Mod About You.  Two years ago, I went in for a routine pedi and the girl recommended this color.  She told me that it was very popular, but I had never seen it.  I am the girl that finds a color that I love and sticks to it!  So I was probably still stuck on some neon orange color and needed something new. I immediately was a fan and bought a bottle on my way out of the salon.  Like all things that you fall in love with, when I went in for my next pedi she told me that the color was being discontinued so I bought 2 bottles.  Needless to say somebody must have made some noise because here it is 2 years later it's still here.  

It is my summer staple, as a matter of fact I was in the nail salon when I realized I was in labor!  I had gone in to get a polish change the afternoon before I was scheduled to be induced.  While I was sitting there I realized that I wasn't feeling too hot and my mom and I started timing my contractions.  Thankfully,  I got my toes right before delivery because I don't remember much from delivery (other than the pain) but I specifically remember the baby's nurse ask my mom about my polish.  I was delirious from drugs and exhausted from pushing, but I heard her say my toes were cute! ;)

I apologize for the cloudy picture...I was trying to take it with E and the Ipad in one hand and the nail polish in the other.

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