Thursday, September 5, 2013

In a Twilight Zone

Lately I've been feeling very unorganized and in my attempts to get organized I find myself stressed out!  The perfectionist in me knows that I have got to get it together, but the "so out of order" mama that I have become is fighting against it.  I need order for my Emmie and most importantly for myself.  If I don't have some order everything in my world suffers. Unfortunately, I have become very dependent on a calendar and a "things to do" list.

I have read about people like know the kind that need alarms on their phones, their ipads, and sticky notes on their mirrors.  I have been trying very hard not to become one of those, but I a, headed that way quickly.  The thing that has surprised me most is that it's not just one area of life, it's everything.  This past Sunday I stayed up until 11:30 finishing up so much needed "housework", cleaning out the microwave and refrigerators.  Along the way I found other things that needed to be addressed, so naturally I made little sticky notes and left them on my bathroom mirror and the microwave.

As I was turning in for the evening my guy comes in as says "what's going on, am I in a twilight zone?  I feel like I'm on The Color Purple, you have notes everywhere."  I couldn't help but laugh and then I realized that's it!  When I don't have it all together that's what it feels like, a twilight zone.  Leave it to my guy to put a finger on it!  Here's to coming out of the trance.  ;)


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