Monday, October 21, 2013


Today is my Mommy's 54th birthday!  I'm not sure what you find exciting after doing this 53 times before.  I'm running out of bright ideas and I'm only on 28.    

Jean, as she is affectionately known around here, is Claire Huxtable and Evelyn Braxton all wrapped up in one!  She has plenty of wisdom, lots of love to share, and "will knock the piss out of you" if you take it too far.

It wasn't until she turned 50 that I realized that she too was once a young woman with dreams for her family.  She didn't take the road well traveled...instead she blazed her own trail and  I am so thankful that Neish and I make her proud.

We have always been pretty close, but Emmie's arrival has in my opinion enshrined her in the Mommy Hall of Fame.  Emmie's Jeanie is never out of songs to sing and books to read.  Being a grandmother is definitely her calling!

 I know she wakes up each day a little happier because of my girl.     I'm just so thankful that I could bring joy to her world for all of the years that I probably turned her gray!

      Happy Birthday Mommy/Jeanie!!!

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