Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Menu for the Week

Today is Mister's day off....so we're not doing anything exciting.  I'm actually going to get a relaxer and he had to have his car serviced....so let's just say it's a maintenance day!  I put a load of laundry in the wash....which reminds me that I need to pick up some detergent.  But it's cold and rainy that I just want to wrap up in a blanket and catch up on Mad Men from iTunes.  Thankfully Mister did the grocery shopping for this week while I continue to recover from my sore throat.  So without further ado....our menu!!!

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday: Tacos and Mexican Rice

Wednesday & Thursday : Spaghetti, Salad, and Texas Toast

Friday & Saturday : Chicken Stir Fry and White Rice

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1 comment:

Mrs. Williams said...

Sounds like a good menu, to me :)and a nice relaxing day planned!