Monday, November 15, 2010

20 Monday Notes

1. Still in my pajamas at 5:31 pm
2. Just watched The Color Purple Reunion on Oprah
3. Actually finished all of the laundry today
4. Went to bed before 1 am last night for the first time in over a week
5. Don't want to eat what I was going to make for dinner
6. Sitting here trying to find something to order for dinner
7. Glad last week was a "bye" week
8. Can't believe Thanksgiving is next week
9. Really want to finish my Esther bible study that I started during training camp
10. Can't get over the fact that this guy butchered my eyebrows last week
11. Haven't watched a full episode of Y&R since August
12. Really miss watching my cooking shows
13. Really miss my NFL BFF
14. Trying to figure out if it's ever going to consistently be cold
15. Need to go to church....guess I need to find one to go to
16. Wishing I could consistently keep in touch with some of my friends
17. Loving all of my friends babies pictures on Facebook...such sweet little people
18. Excited about volunteering with Habitat for Humanity
19. Wishing I didn't worry so much
20. Hope tomorrow I will want to be more productive than today
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