Friday, February 18, 2011

A Mess!

You ask why I haven't been blogging..... because I am a mess!!  We've been home for a week and 3 days and while I have finally gotten the house back in working shape and knocked a few things off of my "Things To Do" List.....this is what I look like!!!  A MESS!!!!!

The first major problem is my hair!!!!  I washed it Monday night and it's Friday and it's still a mess....I have an appointment at 9:00 in the morning!  Don't get me started on these eyebrows....they need a revival ;)  And since we're being honest here...I came on my cycle and I've been whooped ever since!!!!!  I haven't even thought about working out...and let me say that we celebrated Valentine's Day on Tuesday!  Talk about a day late and a dollar short!  I was at the mall on Tuesday morning looking for Mister's gift and we just scrapped the plans for a nice dinner and went to Chick Fil A and got a salad.  Oh and to top it off...I went by Kroger and got a white cake with butter cream icing.....oh my soul!!!  My plan is to be back to the regularly scheduled me by Sunday....I'll keep you posted!  The weather is beautiful here so I have some motivation to get myself together ;)
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Courtney said...

Hey! Thanks for your comment. Glad you found my blog and yes it is a very small world!!! Looks like football is treating your family very well even though it can be a crazy life. Always fun to find others who know where you are coming from :) Enjoy your hubby this spring and summer before things get busy again. I'll be cheerin for you guys this fall :)