Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday Too Soon!

I can't believe that it is Sunday again already!  This past week has flown by, everyday I have been frantically trying to finish my To Do List for the party and I really don't remember much else.  At some point I ate, bathed, and slept but hosting parties is stressful. Yesterday was Emerson's Fairytale First Year Party and we had lots of fun.  Now that I have come down off of the high of party planning and entertaining I am exhausted!  Thankfully my parents are here to keep my girl entertained while I do nothing but lay in my bed and clean out my DVR.  I haven't gone through all of the pictures from the party but here's a sneak peek at all of the fun.

She was running on fumes

Way past her nap time!

Proud dad...she was clinging tight to avoid her nap!

To end the weekend on a high note tonight we are grilling salmon from Guy Fieri's Grilled Salmon Gyros and going to RELAX.  My salmon has been marinating for a few hours and it's just the easiest way to put a meal on the table that tastes good and doesn't require a lot of clean up.  I don't make it into gyros but I do make the tomato and onions and I usually pair it with a salad and baked potato.  It really is the perfect summer meal and something that everyone will it looks really fancy. ;) I hope you have had a wonderful weekend...Monday is less than 12 hours away!  
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