Monday, July 28, 2008

So Behind!

I'm so behind....Mister has been in camp for 3 days already. Today is day 4 and I just went to my first practice last night. I've been so busy taking care of my sister and her softball career that I haven't had time to focus on Mister.

The first day of camp went well....I think it's taking some time for him to get readjusted to being hit and wearing pads. Not to mention the Texas heat. I think he was all worked up with the anticipation and excitement of actually getting back on the field. Since i'm not the one taking the hits I just wait by the computer to make sure that he's not on the injury report. My sister is here for the summer and I spent the whole day at the softball field with her. I'm glad actually because it kept my mind busy and I didn't worry so much about Mister.

Day godbrother and his wife went out to the morning practice, again I was at the softball field. Saturday's practice was the first "open" practice for the fans and according to the media it was over 3300 people there. So I'm waiting to hear some type of report, and I get the call! He's down again....but only with cramps this time. So apparently during the course of the practice he gave himself and the coaches a scare because he lie in the middle of the field screaming. He's all good. By the second day I was ready to see what was going on at Texans headquarters....instead I was still at the softball field in the heat!

Day 3.....the heat and sore muscles have really kicked in. This was the first practice in full pads....of course his first hand off one of the d-linemen knocks his block off! Other than that he's really doing well. I mean he's getting quite a bit of press because he's trying his hand fullback....we'll see how that works out! I'm not sure how I like this whole fullback thing because i'm so used to him running with the ball, not blocking. KJ had to be at the softball field at 7 am so once again I missed all of the football events for the weekend. No need to worry there's plenty to see during the I'll make my way out to see some action at some point.

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