Saturday, August 2, 2008

One Week Down

So today marks one week and one day of training camp. Mister is's amazing how fast he and his teammates have worn down. I just got home from the last "open" practice, I just love how the fans get into the spirit. It's exactly one week until the first preseason game....this time next week I'll be headed to the stadium to see them take on the Denver Broncos. I'm so excited....I've really learned to love the game. When football season rolls around things are so fast paced because I have something to look forward to every weekend.

While I was driving home I realized that we have been married for over a month now. It's crazy how fast time goes. I absolutely love being's a lot of fun....especially since I'm blessed to be married to my closest friend. So I mentioned it to Mister and he just looked at me....because of the two a days he can't keep his days straight! He kept asking me if it was Thursday....and today is Saturday. He's shocked that it's been a month as well, we knew that training camp was right around the corner but goodness.

So....back to football! The team took this evening and tomorrow off so Mister is home. I'm going to cook some smothered pork chops and nurse his little cuts back to health. I never understand why he always gets so beat up in practice. I mean these scratches looks like they let the tigers at the zoo loose. His knee is doing so well and he's doing great in practice. During the practice he just looks so tired when he's standing on the sidelines, and then when he gets see him hit that second gear. Monday he'll be back at i have to enjoy him while he's home!

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