Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Designs By My Father In Law

Over the summer my inlaws came to visit us for a few days.  Decorating is my MIL's hobby!  She has an amazing eye for color and she's always looking for new ideas.  Though our styles are very different, I enjoy browsing stores and looking at model homes with her.  She always notes the details, while I'm keeping my eye on the "big picture".

My FIL on the other hand has a thing for all things floral!  When the Mister and I started dating he was an avid yardman.  He really enjoyed planting flowers and would spend many Saturdays in Lowe's and Home Depot.  Then he tried his hand at floral arrangements to add to the decor of their home.  Let's just say the MIL and FIL make a great decorating team.  Now he's turned this hobby of his into a business, Designs by Charles Taylor.  And I happened to be the beneficiary of a few of his pieces!

This one sits in a niche in our entryway...while they were in town I found some iron pieces that matched the vase perfectly.  Now they hang on the wall about the niche going up the stairs.

  My favorite!  It sits in a niche in one of our hallways.

My runner up!  This one matches our kitchen perfectly...it usually sits on top of our fridge.

In a little niche on our bedroom...the splash of yellow comes from paintings hanging above our bed.

Mister's favorite.....our mantle piece!  It ties together all of the different colors in our rug and the throw pillows on our sectional.  

Mister's parents during their visit this summer.  

Many, many thanks to Mister's mom and pop for adding an extra touch of love to the humble abode! 
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