Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Neish!

 21 Things About Neish:
1. She's the athlete of the family
2. She's crafty
3. She was short as a kid...and somehow grew to 5'6
4. She's a wild sleeper
5. She loves to bake
6. She is so strong and she doesn't even know it
7. She is very spontaneous
8. She's a dog lover
9. She bites her nails
10. She loves the country (Fairfield)
11. She's really good with little kids
12. Mister says she should be a dj because she loves music
13. She loves to drive...and it drives me crazy
14. Everyone thinks she looks like Lisa Turtle from Saved By The Bell
15. Now people thinks she looks like Zoe Saldana

16. She cries when she gets sick
17. She's moody when she's hungry
18. She thinks she can save the good deed at a time
19. Her nicknames are Tootie and Fufi
20. I picked the name Karneisha
21. I love her soooo much! 

Today is my little sister's 21st Birthday!  I can't believe she's a junior in college, legal, and becoming a little woman!  I remember the day she was born like it was yesterday...I was a little bitty 4 year old who was anxious to have a baby sis.  I got exactly what I asked for!  Hope you have a super FAB birthday Neish!!!!

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Ginny Johnson said...

Awww! I cried. I love you both and can't believe we are all getting so old!