Sunday, January 2, 2011

End of the Regular Season

I'm sitting here watching ESPN recap the playoff schedule and waiting for the Rams/Seahawks game to start.  But I cannot believe that the regular season is over....really....where did these 17 weeks go?  This season has been very interesting....definitely not what I expected it to be.  It's been a mix bag, but that's life, part disappointing and part exciting.  I can honestly say that the biggest lesson that I learned this season is to not have any expectations and that minimizes the rate of disappointment and maximizes the chance of surprise.

So, since we're being honest here....if you would have told me in Week 1 of the regular season that we would be in this new city with this new team I would have been like "nah, we're not on their radar."  But  I'm proof that you never know what God is up to.  I'm so thankful for the opportunity that this new team has offered Mister but somewhat disappointed that it wasn't more.  Nevertheless, by Week 5 when this new team called Mister and told him to come on over I was excited to go.  More so excited for him and the change of scenery.

But I say all of this to say that Mister absolutely loves his teammates and has enjoyed playing for this organization more than any other.  For this I am so grateful, there is nothing like seeing your boo leave with a smile on his face and returning home the same way.  In this thing called the have to constantly remind yourself that this is a blessing.  No matter the struggles, injuries, contracts, instability, pending lockout, crazy coaches, FANatics, and insane media.....this is Mister's dream come true!  I'm pinching myself as I think about the fact that Mister has been doing this for 5 years and so thankful that this is the 1st season since '06 that he's heading into the offseason completely healthy (being "injury prone" has been one of the knocks against him).

So kudos to the Packers, Saints, Bears, Patriots, Colts, Eagles, Chiefs, Ravens, Jets, and whoever wins  the NFC West tonight!  Let me not forget the wives and families who have made it through this season too....they definitely deserve a pat on the back because I'm giving myself one! ;)  As of now the 2010 season is officially in the books and while some teams start their offseason tomorrow...the playoffs are just beginning! Mission: Go Big Or Go Home

**Updated - Seattle Seahawks won the NFC West.
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