Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Locked Out, Part 2

What's it like to be locked out?!?!?   So glad that you asked.  Today is 4/15/2011.....this is what a typical  day looks like:

Mister - wakes up
Me - turns over

Mister - eats breakfast and does his quiet time
Me - wakes up

Mister - work out
Me - starts working on my "Things To Do" list

Mister - still working out
Me - maybe reading blogs and emails

Mister - still working out
Me - probably headed towards the shower

Mister - still working out
Me - finishing lunch headed out to run errands

Mister - finishing up the work out
Me - probably dropping by to see Bryce and Daylen

Mister - home to shower and eat a late lunch
Me - checking to make sure I have everything for dinner

Mister - checks his email and handles his business (
Me - helps Mister with his "Things to Do" list

Mister - telling me about his day
Me - listening to Mister talk about his day

Mister - back to working (
Me - start dinner

Mister & Me - eat dinner

Mister & Me - watch tv

9:00 - 12:00
Mister - watching tv
Me - knocked out on the couch

Usually by now Mister with his team for off season workouts.  Or what the football world calls OTAs (Organized Team Activities).  My days would typically be the same...with some slight variations.  All in all, being locked out is a blessing and a curse.  A blessing because Mister is around for a longer period of time and we get to spend some QT together.  A curse because of the uncertainty of this season.  I, like most other folks, love football so I hope to see both sides come to an agreement.  But I do know the importance of the fight and I support the players in all that they are fighting for.  So if that means no football for a few months so be it!  My prayer is that the money goes where it's most needed and the game is safer once this is all said and done.

The NFL is not just a game of football that is being played on Sundays every fall, it's a business.  It is the way that thousands of men support their families, risk their well being, grow as men, compete as warriors, bond as friends, and play a game that they so passionately love.  The funny thing is that every man who plays the game at this level will tell you it's not what they thought it was, that it was their dream to play in the NFL.  But very few walk away from the game because they love it and they have played since they were boys.  So this lockout is not to take away the game but to enhance the it as well as the lives of the men who give so much to it!

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