Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Out of Commission

This morning I had to take a time out!!!!  My eye was not right....it was red, swollen, and ugly!!!!  It all started yesterday morning when I was washing my face.  Last week I started using an exfoliate on my face  since the weather here is warming up and my face gets pretty oily.  Well yesterday when I was washing my face apparently I got some of the beads from the face wash in my eye.  Of course I tried everything to get it out, so I rubbed and washed with water.  All day my eye felt like there was some grains of salt sitting underneath my eyelid!  I tried to wash it out again last night and nothing significant happened.  This morning when I woke up I looked like I had fought Mayweather in my sleep.  Ridiculous!!!!!!

This morning I was officially out of commission!  I went to the eye doctor for some relief.  She said that I scratched my eye with the beads from the exfoliate.  After a few drops I'm feeling much better and my eye is looking a lot better!  
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