Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Everyday Life - Reading List

This is what my nightstand looks like!!!  It's not very decorative ;)  But this is what I need everyday....and I really use almost every one of those books everyday!  Reading is something that I really enjoy, but I'm never caught up.  I really wish I was the type that would read instead of watch TV, but there's something about reality TV that has me hooked.  I envy the people who are sitting in Barnes & Noble with their cup of coffee really enjoying their book.  Whenever I'm there I'm in a rush to get back to my TV with all of the shows that I've missed on dvr. ;)  

So here's what's in my book stack: 
1. Crazy Love by Francis Chan - a book I'm reading with some other ladies ;)
2. The Spiritual Journal - for my quiet time every morning
3. The Life Application Bible (NKJV) - my Bible
4. a spiral notebook - because I ran out of room in my spiritual journal
5. Sony Reader - it has a lot of my books that I read for pleasure
6. some random pamphlet from church
7. my journal - I write interesting things at interesting times...not everyday!
8. God's Promises - when I need a pick me up
9. Esther by Beth Moore - the Bible study I've been trying to finish since training camp ;)

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