Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Recap/Monday's Menu

We had quite the lazy weekend!  It was good to just sit back and kinda take things slow.  We've had a lot of visitors this offseason.  Almost every weekend that we've been home there's been some one staying for a few days.  Friday night I had the evening to myself, so I read some of the book Crazy Love by Francis Chan and watched a few episodes of Oprah.  Then Saturday I stayed in my pajamas for most of the day.  Mister got out and ran some errands and I stayed home and did some cleaning and laundry.  That evening we went bowling with some friends and then stopped by Whole Foods for some fruit.  That evening my Aunt and cousin came to stay the night and I made blueberry muffins and a pound cake.  Sunday we went to church and afterwards I had a 2 hour nap.  I also talked Mister into going to Pappadeaux's so I could get my salad.  I ate half yesterday and half today for lunch. ;)

 I'm usually not into watching NBA basketball but this weekend I kinda got into it.  I usually only watch during the Finals or when it's very close to the finals.  Mister is a big fan of Derrick Rose because he went to the University of Memphis.  I happen to like Rajon Rondo because he went to the University of Kentucky when I lived in Kentucky.  Since we were home hanging out on the couch we watched the Bulls and the Celtics (they didn't play each other).  The Bulls game was really good and then the Celtics won at the end!  Last night Mister and I put some salmon on the grill so that I could try out this new recipe.  It turned out really good!  So here's what will be on our table this week:

Sunday and Monday: grilled salmon gyros and salad
Tuesday and Wednesday: tacos and mexican rice
Thursday and Friday: grilled chicken breast, sauted green beans, and corn on the cob

Here are some pictures of my test ride of the grilled salmon gyros.....

Mister gave them a thumbs up ;)
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