Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fish Fry - Play Day!

Yesterday my mom arrived and today my dad arrived.  The house is filling up...and I'm loving it!  This morning we slept in late and lounged around for a few hours.  She and I sat there for 2 hours watching Paula Dean episodes off of our DVR.  Today is the Mister's day off from working we did a little work on putting the finishing touches on the SoSportz site.

Then around 1:30 one of friends came over to visit for a little while!  She brought four little guys to play...ages 3 months to 6 years.  We had a lot of fun....they bring all of the fun to my laid back/quiet house.  I love it when little kids visit.  They have so much personality and's so cute!  Because my house is not "childproofed" something was bound to be broken.  But no one was it was a good day!  I, of course, was having so much fun playing that I forgot to take pictures of the worries they'll be back next week!

The Mister and Bryce aka Bycie



This afternoon my mom and I went to a cake tasting for a shower that I'm co-hosting.  I had been craving Kroger white cake and Haagan-Daaz ice cream all day.  Just so happened the bakery had an opening for me to go in and taste the cake!  It reminded me of my wedding planning days ;)  I'll include a picture of the cake after the shower!

Tonight I planned to fry fish....I'm not a fan of fried food, and especially not fried fish.  But the Mister loves it and he doesn't get to eat it often.   My mom spoils him.....she always cooks him "Southern" food!  I always cook pretty light.  So tonight my mom and I broke out the deep fryer and fried up some catfish and tilapia.  We made coleslaw and tater tots to go with it!

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