Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Narris, Channing, and Sushi

The Mister's cousin Narris and his girlfriend Channing came to visit us for a few days.  It's so fun showing people around the city.  It's make us get up and venture out....the Mister and I are usually home bodies!  So last night we went for sushi....or should I say sushi rolls because none of us eats raw sushi!
Channing and Narris right before we left home!

Some of our friends introduced us to sushi and now every time we go out for sushi this where we go! 

Mister and me at the restaurant

Our hot rock beef!  It was so good...Channing and Narris tried it for the first time and loved it!

Our group hair looks a mess because I got rained on!  Good times, with good people!

P.S. Sorry for my blog hiatus...we've had a lot of company over the holiday weekend!  So I'll do a post about our 4th tonight!
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Ginny Johnson said...

HOT ROCKS ARE THE BOMB.COM! I'm addicted now. :)