Sunday, July 11, 2010

All Is Quiet

I'm sitting here on the couch watching shows on my DVR!  I'm 10 episodes behind on The Young and the Restless...and I already know that LeBron is going to Miami so no need to watch that now!  Tonight is the first time in over a week that I've been able to just sit on the couch, eat Pirate's Booty, and watch all of my trash t.v.

For the past week we've had 2 sets of visitors...first being my God-Sister and her family, and then the Mister's cousin and his girlfriend.  When I say it was busy around here....the second group arrived 3 hours after the first group left!  So Monday Neish and I washed towels, changed sheets, cleaned bathrooms, and mopped the floors before Narris and Channing got here.  I was exhausted!

It's always so much fun to have visitors and entertain!  It's just something about knowing that there are other people here to talk to and laugh with.  Don't get me wrong...the Mister and I have a lot of fun together; but we love when our family comes to visit.  We always order food and get out and about throughout the city.

But I'm going to enjoy this peace and quiet while it lasts because on Tuesday my Mom comes!  The best part is that I can turn all of the cooking over to her ;)  I love a full house and all of the fun that it brings...but I must say that it's nice to sit here on my couch in this peace and quiet!

I had to throw this one in just for fun...the radio was playing some throwbacks!  So we just had a little moment in the car on the way to the mall!  Hope you're not embarrassed Narris ;)

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Jean said...

I love the three pictures of you guys over the past three years. It will be fun to see how the pictures change:)
Is the song "Hoop There It Is" considered ol' school now? LOL!