Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Week In Pictures Pt. 4

Sunday afternoon a few of our friends from our old team/couple's Bible study got together to celebrate  their baby girl!  Everybody else from our group has boys, so I'm super excited that Suzy and Pitt are having a girl....we needed a little pink mixed into the group.

The cutest cake...and the favors in the background!

Some of the decorations...

The head table with the guest book and program....

A.D. - I thought he looked cool with his hat on ;)

The 3 hostesses...Janelle, Steph, and me.  I apologize for my appearance, it had been a long week!

The guys with the Mom-to-be....they were playing the "In Her Shoes" game.

All of us prepping to play the "Dress Your Baby" Game

All of the girls : my mom, me, Janelle, Suzy, Steph, and Neish

Snow White and Prince Charming, the Expectant Couple!  
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