Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lonely Weekend

Mister just home from the first game of the season, and the first loss of the season! I'm so glad that he's home, because when he's gone I don't get any sleep. Being at home by myself is not exciting...I think I'm just super scary. Friday we went to dinner with one of my friends and her fiance. Yesterday morning Mister left home at 6:oo a.m....and the team left for Pittsburgh at 9. Saturday was a good day, it marks the first day he got his contacts in by himself. Last night I went to dinner with my sister and my grandmother....just to pass time.

Today was game day! I got up with all intentions of going to church...but because I didn't get any sleep I didn't have the energy to get ready. So I sat around and waited for the game, only to be disappointed. This game was just bad all the way around. At halftime the Texans were down 21-3. I get so frustrated....because it looks so easy from the couch, but I know that they are really struggling on the field. I wish they would have won but...Mister made it home in one piece. So overall it was good weekend! Now we just look forward to next weekend....the Ravens and my in laws will be in town!

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Joey said...

Hey Elisia,

Why didn't Chris play yesterday?