Monday, September 15, 2008

Anna Mae Eat Some of This Cake!

Well, now that the lights are back on and the sun is shining......we can discuss Hurricane Ike. Before the storm everyone that we talked to made jokes about the hurricane's name. Most of the jokes made reference to Ike and Tina Turner. Now that I'm here to tell the story of the night that Hurricane Ike came through....I can laugh!

The storm was scheduled to arrive late Friday night, so Thursday people were leaving work early to get gas, water, batteries, and more supplies. When I got off at 3:30, I hadn't heard from Mister so I decided to go get a few things (life jackets, rain boots, and batteries). When I turned into our neighborhood I saw a guy boarding up his house. I stopped and asked him was that necessary....he course said yes! So I went on a rampage trying to find some boards. Finally, I found 15 at Home Depot...but only after standing in line for an hour. Mind you, we have 30 windows! Now the problem was finding someone to put these boards up. Someone at Home Depot told me about somebody that they knew that probably knew somebody else who could do it! Yes complicated! I finally made it home at 8:30.....that's when Mister called and said that the team had decided to have Friday's practice that evening and they were going to have meetings until 10.

Here I am sitting at home....the news is reporting about how people better be prepared for the storm....and he's at practice! Question is, how are you preparing for a game....and a hurricane is only hours away? He called me on his drive home, and I filled him in on all of the chaos that the storm was causing....and he had no clue. The team had kept them in practice and "focused" that he didn't know that half of the city was evacuating and that most of the city had shut down at 12 o'clock.

When he got home he watched the news coverage of the traffic on the freeways of people evacuating. All along he's panicking, so I just sat at the island and ate my chocolate cake that I had gotten at McCallister's. Shewt, I was tired of panicking....I had been doing that all day (without him). That's when I took Hurricane Ike's advice and just ate some of my cake...I just needed some calm before the storm!

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Little Sister said...

For Christmas I am getting you a blow up raft just incase it gets any worse. LOL!!