Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Everybody Else Is Doing Good!

So...I'm extremely happy that Mister will be home this week for the first time this season. Unfortunately, he has a slight injury that throws him into the "questionable" category for Sunday's game. But in the mean time some of his other friends had some good games this past week.

The NFL is really a small world, there are only 32 teams and each team only has 53 players. So a lot of them either know each other from college or from some stint of playing together on different NFL teams. Well Mister's closest friends had very good weekends! Let me just mention that before Mister got hurt he was having a good Sunday as well....check out some of their highlights!


Tramon Williams...he started out as a Texan....but it looks like the Packers love him more. I'll be honest when I saw this highlight I screamed like it was Chris....his fiance is my closest NFL friend! She and I understand each other's struggles....Tramon, like Chris, was an undrafted free agent and he deserves every bit of his success and much more.

James Hardy is a fellow Hoosier....he's really "puttin" on in Buffalo!

Tracy Porter, another Hoosier, Porter is wearing #22 well in New Orleans!

In the meantime, Chris is really rehabbing to get back next week. Thank God they will be home for the next couple of weeks. Our biggest focus is this thigh contusion...I'll keep you updated on how it progresses over the next couple of days. In the meantime, somebody has a birthday coming up....so it will give me time to plan something special for his big 25. Anybody have any ideas?

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