Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fantasy Playing Time

Happy Hump Day! So....this whole fantasy football thing is new to me, I'm not even sure of how it works but here goes. Since Mister's role with the team has increased over preseason, so many people have been keeping up with him...especially in Memphis. Shout out to Joey! As a result of more playing time it is my understanding that Mister has been drafted to quite a few fantasy teams. Well, when he didn't play much this past weekend that didn't help the fantasy leagues. And I was just like you, wondering why he didn't play much this weekend? He didn't have cramps, he practiced all week, he has no what's the problem?

I'll be completely honest with you.....this goes back to the struggles of a free agent! In Mister's case there is a good side and a bad. The positive is the Texans' aren't deep with runningbacks, but the depth chart does consist of a 4 time Pro-Bowl veteran and a 3rd round pick Heisman trophy runner up.....which leaves Mister at 3. So on game day typically 2 runningbacks play and the 3rd one dresses for backup and special teams. Basically, he has to wait his you ask is he frustrated.....shewt yeah! But he is constantly reminded of how fast this opportunity can be snatched by cuts or by injury.

I will say don't sleep on him.....because some things have already been shaking up in the backfield this week. So Sunday he should definitely see an increase in p.t.! As for the fantasy leagues....I'm not real sure how they work but I will say that the Ravens defense should be a beast! On a side note please keep us in your prayers....Hurricane Ike is brewing and we are waiting (again) for word on the status of the game so that we can get the heck out of Dodge.

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Joey said...

Thanks Elisia. Its not so much about the fantasy numbers, they just said that Chris was supposed to get the bulk of the carries. So I was confused when he had 0 yards. I have just been praying and believing that Chris will be the starting running back when it is all said and done. BTW Thanks for the shout out.