Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hurricane Ike Relief

It's been almost a week since the storm ripped through Houston and most of the city still doesn't have electricity. However, the Texans have gone on.  Mister returned to the normal football schedule Tuesday. Luckily, we have electricity....but we have sat in the lines to get gas and stood in line to get groceries. After the excitement of this weekend dies down we are going to assist the organization in the relief efforts for the city.

We have a busy weekend ahead....Mister is going to Nashville and I'm the matron of honor in my best friend's wedding. I'm so excited about both because this is the first time that I will get to be a bridesmaid. I guess I was blessed to be a bride before a bridesmaid. As for Mister, things are going to be extra "crunk" in Nashville because 15 of his family members are going to the game to cheer him on! Unfortunately, I won't be present for his Tennessee return but I know he's going to do well.

Tuesday parts of the Texans organization will team up with the Food Bank to prepare boxes of items for the people who are in need. This will be our first time volunteering....I'm so excited! We have been blessed through this storm and can't wait to help other people.

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