Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Game Day Contacts

Here lately Mister and I have been trying to get our sight together. He and I both went to the eye doctor back in March but we never got new lenses for our glasses or contacts. So now that the wedding is over and camp is over....we finally have time to get back to taking care of our health.

So the week before the Dallas game the head coach mentioned in his press conference that Mister needed to use better "vision" on the field. Vision in football terms is not what the rest of the world defines it as. In the football world "vision" is being able to see the play develop. In Mister's case being able to see which hole to run through to get the most yardage. This is what prompted the whole "game day contacts" ordeal. I decided to go and make Mister an appointment to get contacts....which I knew may not go over well. To my surprise he didn't complain and he was such a good sport.

Well his contacts came in last Friday and it's been crazy since then. When the lady called and said they were in, he immediately said "I don't want to hear it!" We went to his contact lesson so that he could learn to put them in and take them out....and that didn't go too smoothly. So the lady put the first one in and told Mister to do the second one....he had to kick both of us out of the room just so he could concentrate. Once he got that one in, he had to learn how to take them out. That was easy!

It's been almost a week since he got his trial pair of contacts and he has yet to get them in by himself. Every morning he wakes me up to put them in before he goes to practice. He claims that when he blinks the contacts are going to roll to the back of his head! All of this vision chaos made me get my new lenses. I had no idea that my vision had gotten so bad since the last time I got glasses. While I was all on him about not being able to see....I found that I couldn't see either! I'm happy to say that when Mister goes to Pittsburgh this week, this will be his first game day with contacts....we'll see how much it helps his "vision"!


Anonymous said...

LOL@ you waking up every morning to help him put his contacts in! Yall are too cute, lol.


Ashley said...

aww how cute! Dont make me start fussing...Do I have to call and make yall go to the eye doc and get new Rxs?? U only get one set u better take care of ur eyes! Good luck to yall!