Sunday, August 10, 2008

Beauty Shop / Texas BBQ

As always, I'm behind...but hey that's typical me right now! So, last week I made an appointment to go to the beauty shop because I was overdue for a relaxer. The lady told me that she had an opening at 7:00 pm on Thursday, which was perfect because I didn't have anywhere else to be and Mister was suppose to be in camp. Of course this is not how things went in the end.

Like always, I'm not always aware of the team's schedule. So on Wednesday night Mister calls and says that he has Thursday evening off and he's coming home. I just sit on the phone and look "big eyed and crazy" (as my momma would say). That's when I inform him that I'm going to the beauty shop and he's going to be home with my sister for awhile. Fast forward to Thursday and I get to the salon and have to wait about 45 minutes....typical black salon! I get my relaxer and a roller set and finally I walk out of there at 10:35. End result, a husband who is a little upset that he had an evening off and no wife to spend it with....but oh well, cause my hair looks good!

This is just a side bar....but definitely a bit of an update on the football front. The day of the "hurricane" that I ran from, Mister had a radio interview with the local sports channel. During the interview they ask him about Memphis BBQ as well as if he's tried any Texas BBQ....and he said NO! I was just daddy has barbecued so many times and my momma makes her own sauce and this dude gets on the radio and says no. So I had to remind him that I'm originally from Texas and Memphis was just a pit stop in my life. The people on the radio loved him....obviously he's doing well!

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