Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Safe Return

At 10:30 last night Mister calls and says that the coaches decided that they could go home and wait out the storm with their families. But they are going to have practice at 1:30 Tuesday afternoon. Well at 10:30 I was 2 hours away at my grandma's house watching Jon and Kate Plus 8 on TLC. They picked a fine time to make a decision!

Since the tropical storm didn't do much damage I decided to come home this evening. On the way home my sister and I were driving along and the rain was picking up and the wind was getting a little gusty so I was getting nervous. I had to turn my flashers on so that the crazy people behind me could see me and all of a sudden my sister is screaming my name and pointing. I look to my left and see car after car going into the ditch! My crazy behind thought "oh God we are next", so I started pushing the brake and was just bracing myself for the slide and it never happened. That's when I realized that the people in the left lane had all run into each other and were sliding in the ditch trying to avoid a stopped car. So much for these Texas drivers driving in a hurricane!

I said all of that to say that I made it home safely and Mister had a good practice. I wonder if the next time a hurricane/tropical storm comes should I wait around for the organization to make a decision?

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