Monday, August 4, 2008

A Tropical Storm

I'm not one for severe weather, so the thought of a tropical storm coming this way is just not what I had in mind. I'm considering going to my Grandma's house to hide out until things settle down. Unfortunately, Mister has to stay here with his teammates and weather the storm. I'm not sure that I'm comfortable leaving him here, but I know that i'm not staying here. I don't play with the weather like that!

Back on the football front....Mister went back to camp yesterday afternoon. I was getting used to having him home again. When he first got home on Saturday he was limping around and just looked like he was on his last leg. But he had his epsom salt bath and some good ole home cooking. So I made sure that he was well rested....although I really needed him to fix this air conditioner vent. By the time he left yesterday he looked like a human again and not a gladiator. He was well over due for a shave!

Speaking of air conditioner vents...let's talk about this home ownership thing! I love our house, but with him gone I have more responsiblity. For instance we were having problems with the electrical outlet because we just had a sprinkler system installed. So I made arrangements for the guy to come out and fix it....but it never dawned on me that I would be home alone. Typically I make arrangements for service people to come when he and I are both home, so of course I'm walking around the house with a knife in my pocket, because see I love my life! lol!

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Chan said...

Elisia you are so crazy lol but I feel you with the knife I hate bein home alone too! Tell your grandma I said hey!!