Monday, August 18, 2008

Random Chaos!

I just got back from New Orleans yesterday around 2 and I'm exhausted! Now I get to look forward to a whole new weekend of things. Three major events take place this sister moves into the dorm, I'm hosting my best friend's bridal shower, and of course the Texans vs. Cowboys game. So, I'll probably be a little scatter brained but it's only temporary insanity!

Back to the Saints game....we came out with a win! (I say "we" as though I'm on the team as well!) The highlight of the game was his 2nd career touchdown! Mister's cramps flared up again during the 3rd quarter....but overall he had a good game. He ended the game with 12 carries and 39 yards. I bought our tickets instead of sitting in the Texans section way up on the roof. We sat right in the middle of some Saints season ticket holders....and they were not happy to see us! They were nice, but they did not appreciate me screaming for Mister's team.

This cramp issue has become a serious concern for me because it's affecting his playing time. To sit in the stands and watch him lay motionless on the field was a little much. I've been buying him Pedialyte, but he hasn't been drinking it consistently. He went to the sideline to walk the cramps off, but the trainers decided to take him to the locker room and give him an IV. I'm not a big fan of needles, but Mister doesn't mind it. On the way to the locker room he saw me in the stand and gave me a thumbs up so I wouldn't worry. You know that didn't matter, I still wanted to know EXACTLY what was wrong with him. One my friends text me and told me the announcer on t.v. said it was just cramps. It was definitely a relief, but just adds to my concerns. So hopefully by Friday he will have this cramp thing worked out.

Aside from the game, I got to see two of my friends that I haven't seen since I left New Orleans in 2004. We had a rushed lunch together, but we got to do a little catching up. Good times! You would have never known that we hadn't seen each other in years....I'm just so happy to see them so happy and doing well. By the way, this was my sister's first experience with Cajun food. She was not impressed.

My impressions of the city were good and bad. I was okay until I made a wrong turn and saw a house with spray painted "x" that said they found 2 bodies inside. I took a moment to take things in and it really hit home. I realize just how blessed I am, just on a surface level. I'm not even talking about any of life's luxuries. I hope that the city continues it's rebuilding process. By the number of Saints fans at the game, it's clear that the people of New Orleans have a lot of pride in their city. Which is as it should be. Overall this weekend was a lot of fun, would definitely do it again!

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Joey Yarger said...

Tell Chris I think its too cool to have drafted him on my fantasy football team. i am praying that he just blows those coaches away with his talent. go Texans!!!