Monday, August 11, 2008

Preseason Game 1

Now that the first preseason game is under Chris' belt, I think that he can breath a little easier. Before last season I thought we was a super hero, I thought he could never get hurt or be sick. For the first time ever I saw him struggle with both. His injury was definitely a physical thing but the rehab process was definitely mental. So in game one Chris had high expectations for himself and at the end of the game I don't think that he was satisfied. I think his disappointment came because his expectations were unreasonable for a preseason game and his first game back. But for his overall performance he did pretty well and the knee is just doing superb! always I was running late, I got to my seat at the end of the first kickoff drive. The first series of the game Denver had the ball....therefore I didn't pay much attention. When we were finally on offense I guess I didn't get the memo because I looked up and Chris was on the field. I wasn't expecting him to be out there so fast. Well come to find out I missed the first play of the offensive series when Ahman Green was in. So of course I'm cheering and stuff....but I'm all tense. To be honest my frustration came when the Denver dudes kept grabbing Chris by the ankle. I was mad and told my sister that they need to make that illegal, because they could break some body's ankle. That was when she reminded me that all of this physical stuff is apart of the game.

The worst part of the night was when the quarterback got sacked! So during the play once he hit the ground he fumbled.....and Chris picked it up and took it another yard or so. Of course, I'm screaming because Chris has the ball until I look over at my god brother and he has his head in his head. I knew then that something went wrong....of course there it was on the Jumbo tron! Chris missed a block in the blitz and got the quarterback killed! I wasn't sure....Trey wasn't really sure....but it's looked really bad. So for the rest of the game....I was quiet.

When the game was over and we saw Chris the first thing I asked was "was that sack your fault"? He of course was like..."yeah" and tried to explain (like I knew what he was talking about). So I asked did he apologized and he said yeah....after that I felt better. Chris is such a good guy.....this game was a reminder for me that this is a team sport!

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