Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cowboy Fans At Heart

The last time that I wrote I talked about how my whole family is going to the game tomorrow in Dallas. Many of you know my friend high school, but I'm originally from Dallas. My whole family is full of die hard Cowboy fans, and some of them just can't stand the idea of wearing a Texans shirt into Texas Stadium. So what's a girl like me to do?

I grew up loving Troy, Emmitt, Michael, Flozell Adams, and even Deion. When I was in elementary school the Cowboys went to 3 Super Bowls. My family loves the Cowboys. Well, now we have a new sheriff in town, and he doesn't wear a silver star on his helmet. Miter, plays for the lesser known Texas team that is trying to earn the respect of the N.F.L. I have no choice but to support the hubby, I wouldn't dare disrespect him like that. My folks on the other hand....they are questionable!

Some of them have collected Texans shirts and caps over the last 3 years....while some of them has been a little hesitant to even cheer for Mister on game day. As a matter of fact, my aunt text me to ask what number he wore! But tomorrow all 15 of us will be in some sort of Texans gear ready to scream loud and cheer hard. They love Cowboy football, but they love the man wearing the Texans uniform more.

I encourage all of you to tune in tomorrow night at 7 p.m. central time to tune in to the Lone Star Showdown! Make sure you look for #27 in the DARK blue jersey. I sure hope that you will join me in cheering him on in his 1st career start! You don't even know what kinda opportunity this is.....if only you knew his struggle. I'm so excited, he's so excited......just ready for kick off. P.S. --Pray that he doesn't cramp up!

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