Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Drew's Party

A few weekends ago my sister and I made a trip to Dallas for a special little guy's birthday party.  Drew is our little god-brother and he and his brother are like our little brothers since we don't have boys in our family.  I never put up the pictures from all of the fun.  Now I have a moment to catch up the blog and organize our electronics (Ipods and digital cameras).  Here we go!
 My sister being silly!  We almost got lost on the way to the party because we're so dependent upon our good friend "Nuvi".  That GPS takes me everywhere....especially when we're away at our temporary home.  The "Nuvi" had us driving on some road and then all of a sudden she had no idea where we were.  It's because they've built new roads and re-routed roads all around the stadium and "Nuvi" must be the last one to know!

A glimpse of the stadium!  I had to pull over to a Jack in the Box that was right across the street just to get a drink before we got there.  I was dying of thirst and I didn't want to be that adult who goes in the kids party and eats all of the food! ha!

The birthday boy and his older brother!  I can't believe that he's 5!  It's seems like yesterday that I was holding a chubby little baby with no teeth on Thanksgiving.  He was born the summer before my senior year in old am I!  It just doesn't seem like he should be 5 and I remember college like it was last year.

What the stadium looks like from a suite. Talk about some excited would have thought it was game time!  The Cowboys were having an open practice for fans on the day of the party and there were quite a few fans there taking tours and watching.

Happy Birthday Drew!  That screen is huge...I wasn't impressed by it until we went down on the field and I looked up.

Another hit among the party goers!  Just to see their lockers, where they sweat, bathe, and keep their "personals" was like seeing an exhibit in a museum.  I actually thought it would be disgusting...but they keep it clean.  It helps that it's the offseason and the team isn't using it right now.

The favorite part of the party!  Talk about good....and they had vanilla ice cream to go with it! I'm not a fan of fancy cakes, just good ole fashioned store bought vanilla cake with butter cream icing.  It makes me feel good inside ;)

I had to add this picture just because it was the cutest thing!  The birthday boy with his so sweet!  It's nothing better than a little boy who just loves and admires their dad.  And this pair are so special.  I hope that if I have sons one day that they will love and admire my Mister as much as this little guy and his brother do their dad.
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Michelle said...

Drew's 5th Birthday celebration was very special! Thanks for making the trip to Dallas and a special thanks for featuring my family on your blog spot.

Michelle said...
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