Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Summer can officially begin because the Mister is home for a few weeks!  Which means we can get in some grilling, yard work, and a few family visits.  This should be an exciting summer...it will definitely be busy.  I worked on our family calendar and for the next 5 weeks we will have visitors!  With Training Camp starting the last week of July, I have a lot to stuff in the next few weeks.  Which should be lots of fun!  Please forgive me for not including pictures...things have been chaotic so here's a rundown of some blogs that I have on deck (and I'll be sure to include pictures;) :

1.  My Dad (Father's Day tribute)
2. Babysitting Bryce
3. New Blog Design
4. 2nd Anniversary
5. Guest Blog (The Mister)

So excited...that Jennisa over at Once Upon A Blog (she really is the best!) is redesigning the site and I can officially "relaunch" this blog campaign!  This time I'm going to take it seriously (not really) but really have fun with it.  Hang on for this ride the world calls the summer and I call vacation before the start of football season!

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