Friday, June 25, 2010

New Design and Our Favorite Things this Summer

I'm super excited about the new design!  Jennisa over at Once Upon A Blog did a fabulous many thanks to her ;)  I finally decided to take this blog thing seriously...I'm going to give it a real shot!  I've been a blog reader for over 2 years and so many of them are so interesting and entertaining.  So this is my second attempt at being a real blogger ;)

"The Interviewer"

To kick off my return to the blog world I asked Lil Sis to interview Mister and me.  Our 2nd anniversary is around the corner so in the spirit of celebration and summer,  here are our "Favorite Things" for Summer!

Neish: What's your favorite summer fruit?
Me: Pineapple...and it has to be ice cold
Mister: Green Grapes

Neish: What's your favorite book this summer?
Me: Having A Mary Spirit by Joanna Weaver
Mister: UnCommon Man by Tony Dungy

Neish: What's your favorite t.v. show this summer?
Me: Basketball Wives...a.k.a trash TV
Mister: Good's good year round

Neish: What's your favorite place to go out?
Me: Town Square and people watch
Mister: Movies

Neish: What's your favorite pastime during the summer?
Me: Eating on the patio....and drinking lemonade
Mister: Grilling and Working Out

Neish: What's your favorite movie this summer?
Me: Sex And The City 2
Mister: Karate Kid

Neish: What's your favorite Wii game?
Me: Just Dance
Mister: Mario Bros.

Neish: What's your favorite food for the summer?
Me: A fresh salad with grilled fish or shrimp
Mister: Anything on the grill

Neish: What's your favorite outfit for the typical summer day?
Me: Maxi dress and sandals
Mister: Anything Jordan

Neish: What's your favorite weekend getaway location for the summer?
Me: Miami
Mister: Miami

Neish: What's been your favorite song this summer?
Me: Unthinkable by Alicia Keys and Israel's the Power of One never goes out of season
Mister: Good Morning by Dirty Money

Neish: Just for the record....Lakers or Celtics?
Me:'s sad!
Mister: I had the Celtics

Thanks Neish for helping us was fun we'll have to do it again!  What's some of your "favorite" things of the Summer?

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Karneisha said...

My favorite thing for the summer is spending time with family and doing all of the things that i don't get to go during the school year. Like "chefin" with you Big' Sis! Love the blog! Keep it up!

Mrs. Williams said...

Hope you keep up your blog!!! My favorite thing of summer is spending time with family and cookouts. Although, we dont do much of it because it's way to hot to me outside!!