Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Home Is Where The Heart Is

I'm so glad to be home!  Having been gone for 10 days just the smell of my sheets brings a smile to my face.  Home represents a place of peace, quiet, and lots of happiness.  Although we only spend a few months here I never forget all of the joy that it brings.

I miss my love so much!  With our anniversary coming soon it was really sad to say goodbye.  We really are best friends and to be apart for an extended period of time makes us both really sad.  Both he and I can function, but we truly enjoy each other's company.

Being home brings a certain amount of hustle and bustle!  Where our temporary home is far less fast paced, partly because it's still rather new to us.  So today I resume my "Houston life" as my Mama calls it.  A schedule that consists of a Women's Bible Study, boot camp, pilates, road trips throughout Texas, and just hanging out!  I better enjoy because only a few more weeks before the Mr. returns and our summer kicks in to full swing.  Lots of visitors are coming our way this July before Training Camp at the end of July ;)

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