Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's Hot!

I typically love all of the seasons!  I really believe that there is something to enjoy in every season.  Last fall the Mister and I went Apple Picking for the first time...and fall always means football season!

There's something about the winter that I absolutely love!  It has to be the holidays, hot chocolate, wearing coats and snow boats, and of course the snow!

Then when Spring has finally sprung I'm always anxious to get some pretty flowers for our back yard.  I love a good trip to Home Depot and Container Store for Spring Cleaning ;)

By the time it's warmed up for Summer and I'm feeling swimsuit ready, it's already to hot here in Texas to do much of anything during the day!  So I wait around indoors until the evening for a nice walk/run but the air is so thick!

So here it is on June 17 that I am so looking forward to days like these!  Where I can put on my hat and scarf and stop through Dunkin Donuts for a nice cup of hot chocolate on my way to a playoff game in early January!  Don't laugh...I'm just trying to cool off here...I mean it's already 86 degrees at 10:05 a.m.  So just bare with me these next few months....I won't rush your summer!  Hope you're enjoying it...I'm just trying to stay cool!


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