Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Week Late, $10 Short

Last weekend Neish and I took a road trip to the country to visit our Grandmother and our cousins.  The country brings back so many memories for us.  We used to spend every summer there until I was in high school None of us have ever lived in the country but that's the universal meeting spot for our family.
Leah and Ginny

It's absolutely nothing to do there so you just sit around and eat cornbread, shell peas, hang laundry, and sit out on the porch and talk!  So last weekend we went to one of the little mom and pop restaurants to talk and laugh ;)

Neish, Me, and Eric 
And because last Sunday was Father's Day and I had to include a picture of my Daddy and us ;)

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Jean said...

Family is a beautiful thing! Glad to see the next generation bonding. You guys' grandparents are so happy that you haven't forgotten your roots (nappy as they are):)