Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sprinkles on Sunday

It has sprinkled here literally all day long!  Talk about staying inside, curling up on a couch, and reading a nice bad I had to get out.  The hubs and I participated in a Walk for Cancer at Franklin Park here in Boston.  We really enjoyed it, despite the constant drizzle.  I always thought that in order to get a good workout you had to have a nice jog going.  Boy was I surprised...we had a nice pace going with our walk and my calf muscles are going to feel it tomorrow.  Those 2.7 miles started feeling like a journey by the time we hit the 2 mile mark.  

We got home around 2 and I grabbed some leftovers for lunch.  Then I spent 3 hours working on blog designs and catching up on some shows on the DVR.  Speaking of about behind!  I don't know that I finished any show this season.  Meaning I didn't see every pathetic!  Usually I follow Greys, Private Practice, and Mad Men.  I fell for a lot of the reality shows and "gossip" shows (i.e. Basketball Wives, Keeping Up With The Jones, etc).  Now I have to rely on itunes and reruns this summer to catch up.

Tomorrow I head back to Houston for sad!  I'm going to miss my boo...but it won't be long before he's home again (temporarily).  He'll be there just in time for our 2nd exciting!  I dread security at major airports...and Boston Logan is no different. So wish me luck and safe travels.

Please say a prayer for my friend's son Anthony he has a tumor at the base of his brain and spinal cord and some complications from it caused him to lose his sight.  His doctor's don't expect him to regain his sight but we believe Jesus is his healer!  John 9 says so!

Have a fabulous week,  I intend too!

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