Thursday, August 12, 2010

Babysitting Brothers ;)

Two weeks ago Mommy and I babysat 2 of my favorite little guys!  They came to hang out with us for a few hours while their parents went to the movies....and we had a lot of fun.  I love little people....they are so cute and cuddly!

The older brother is our Godson Daylen!  He makes frequent trips to our house...he knows exactly where everything is and has his on own little games that he plays with the Mister.  Now that he has a baby brother he rarely comes alone....but Bryce is always welcomed.  We love him just as much!

  It's so sweet to see him as a "big brother"...he's only 2! But he's so protective of little Bryce and takes such good care of him.  I can't believe my Daylen is growing up so fast....seems like yesterday we were holding his hand as he walked down the stairs.

This was Daylen last summer!  He was an only child and such a little guy much has changed in a year.

Daylen and Bryce remind me so much of another pair of brothers that I love...Drake and Drew!

This was them in 2005 when Drake was new at being a big brother...

and this was them this summer when they came to visit!

I pray the Mister and I can have a pair of brothers that love and adore each other as much as these brothers.  They all mean so much to me...they are the sweetest little guys!  Their Mommies and Daddies are doing an amazing job ;)  So in about 20 years, if you have a daughter who wants to meet an amazing man....I'll know a few!

Since we're talking about brothers...I had to include the Mister and his brother! ;)

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